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Let Me Show You in 5 Minutes How We Generated an Extra £120,000 a Year in Direct Bookings!

(Without any paid ads, complicated funnels or time wasted)

Trusted by forward thinking travel businesses

Our clients are growing rapidly and providing better online experiences than their competition.

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If You Run a Hospitality Business and Your Website Isn’t Taken Care of by Specialists in Your Industry…



Your Business Won’t Reach it’s FULL Potential.


You won’t generate consistent bookings


You will struggle to establish your brand


You’ll keep guessing at which marketing techniques work for travel and tourism and won’t get full support.


You’ll be kept wondering if there’s more you could do


You’re wasting your time and money


You’re likely to be ‘ditched’ if they aren’t fully invested in your market.


Get Ready to Market Your Hospitality Business the RIGHT Way.

Working with a digital marketing team who spend their time studying tourism, working with leading travel brands and genuinely believe tourism is going to save the economy …

is something you can’t get from working with just any generalist digital marketing team serving any business and every business.

Use our proven marketing methods for fast results.

Already having an understanding of the market means we can help you set realistic goals and use proven methods to hit them that are working with our other clients (saving a lot of time wasted in trial and error!)


Affordable solution for any size business with a fast ROI


See results in less than 90 days


If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results then we work with you until you are, no extra charge.

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“Huge thanks to Leo and the team for the new site! Loving working with them, highly recommend you get in touch with them if you need  to increase your online sales….”

Jack Spitser

Epic Drone Tours, USA

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course listing thumbnail

Transform your brand through visual storytelling.

Attend our virtual brand workshop where we use proven frameworks to guide you on bringing your story to life.

We then use this storytelling framework throughout your marketing materials resulting in more sales, more leads and repeat customers as you become a well known brand.


Face to face personalised sessions with your dedicated guide.


PDF document with your brand story, you can share with your team and use to create content. 


Is it technical? We designed these sessions this for non-technical people.

A hassle free, enjoyable process that you will love.

Getting your website and marketing sorted can feel overwhelming, our simple process prioritises your time and your mental sanity.

You will enjoy working with our friendly team of like-minded travel enthusiasts.


Feel treated like a partner rather than a customer


Work with a team who share the same interests as you


Feel fully supported and guided with our small friendly team.

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can you handle more online bookings?

3 Simple Steps to More Sales and More Repeat Customers.

1. Book a discovery call

A brief call to see if we will be a good fit working together, if you qualify then we can move on to the next phase.

2. We develop a custom marketing plan in 48 hours

This is where the fun starts. An expert will work with you to clarify your messaging, bring your story to life and set you up for success.

3. we execute the plan and in 30 days your business is transformed

According to your goals set in the strategy session we build out your dream website and messaging framework for all content.

 What do you get?

In just 30 days you will have a clear story for your brand, a custom built website designed using the framework for your brand story to communicate your offer effectively…

a reliable funnel to turn visitors into repeat customers setup by an expert team of marketers, designers and developers….not to mention you will gain a marketing team by your side for the years to come supporting you every step of the way.


You'll get a fast, clean, crisp website for your brand

All StraightUp websites are built on WordPress, the leading website platform on the internet. Want more pages? No problem, these are just the ones we include with every project.


Home Page - built to convert visitors into paying customers


About Page - a page to tell your story and communicate your personality


Blog - use this to share helpful posts for your visitors (we will add your first three)


Contact Page - with a contact form to allow visitors to quickly message you


Landing Pages - for your lead generator and free giveaway to grow your email list


Service Pages - we will communicate the offer you are selling through storytelling


Thank You Pages - designed to increase the conversions of visitors to customers


Admin Pages - all the legal pages you need with the policies to abide by the law

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You'll get a funnel set up for you

When a visitor subscribes to your email list through your website they will automatically receive a friendly welcome email and your free giveaway. They will also be forwarded to a thank-you page with your special promotion we have set up.


Lead Generator - You'll get a custom giveaway (in PDF format) to grow your email list through your website


Email Marketing - Your email marketing will be completely set up for you in order to stay top of mind with your visitors and encourage repeat customers.


Booking Calendar - You will have a seamless booking experience set up for you so you don't lose a customer by any 'clunky' experiences.


Promotional Offer - Your promo page will have a promotional offer so that if they book right there and then they will get a bonus

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You'll Get Features That You Won't Get Anywhere Else...


Booking Management System - If you are taking bookings through your website we will set you up with a booking management system perfect for your offer.


Ready to take payment - We will help you setup all of your calendar with availability so you can start selling bookings right away


Easy to Update - Your website will be easy to use, with training videos and easy content management


Mobile Responsive - Every page will be designed for all viewing on all devices.


Google Analytics Setup - A Google Analytics account will be setup for your website and integrated for monitoring and tracking progress.

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Professional Support

You'll Get Full Support Every Step of the Way


Website Help - Once we have launched your website you'll be able to request help with anything you need


Platform help - Inside the platform you will have access to tutorials and submit requests for training on anything you need help with


Business help - We will help you reach your business goals through a strong brand identity, powerful systems in place and by diffrentiating you from your market.


Maintenance and Hosting Plan - Once your website is built you won't have to worry about updating it, backing it up or any maintenance...we do it all for you


Client support - Technical issue? Business advice? You will have a dedicated customer success manager checking in with you regularly for any help required.

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We aren’t your typical ‘churn and burn’ provider. You aren’t going to feel like a number on a spreadsheet…we are real people with a love for everything travel related, that really care and are fully invested in your business’ success. 

We only take on a limited amount of clients per month so that we can work really closely with every client to establish a strong relationship and understand your goals. It’s what makes us stand out from every other digital marketing company out there and what attracts such amazing clients!


Leo Rees-Evans

Founder & CEO, Straight Up Websites

The Results…


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Went from Relying on an OTA to Independent Taking all Bookings Directly.


When I first met Paul, Oran Na Mara was thriving; it’s one of the most unique properties I have ever seen, in one of the most beautiful locations in the UK (if not the world). What do you expect?

The problem was…

Oran Na Mara was taking 100% of its bookings through an agency, which comes with excessive commission fees, and nobody wants to be on a platform surrounded by their competitors!

In the first conversation between Paul and myself, we discussed the need to transition from the agency and become fully independent, taking 100% of the bookings directly through their website.

Before We Worked Together

Before Paul came to us, with the current website and online booking process via the site, it wouldn’t have been possible to become fully independent and take bookings with 0% commission.

Oran Na Mara had a great logo, a great story, strong USP’s…however, their website and overall online presence were letting them down. Paul was ready for a complete upgrade to provide a better online experience for his guests. Being very passionate about the property, he wanted to give the best possible experience for his guests, both online and offline and provide as much value to them to have the most enjoyable stay. 

So what did the website and booking process look like before working with us?

Like many other holiday let owners, Paul had a Squarespace website previously with a contact form for potential guests to contact them to make their booking. 

It was clear that we would need an efficient booking system and some marketing strategy implemented to come off the OTA and start taking direct bookings via his website. It couldn’t be time-consuming for either the host or the guest, and it would need to be a very easy-to-use all-around pleasurable booking experience.

The Process

Our team got to work…

Step 1. In-depth strategy session

Step 2. Onboarded and introduced to the new way

Step 3. We built out everything they needed to fill their calendar with direct bookings

Step 4. We offboarded them with training videos and set them up on our website care plan

The Results

Within 90 days, Oran Na Mara were filling their calendar into 2023 with DIRECT online bookings at 0% commission through their smooth new website online booking system!

This case study was a great example of how significantly limiting it can be for a stunning holiday let, with its own brand story and USPs, to be relying on an agency to take bookings. 

We showed that with a smooth booking management system, a stunning website and a scalable blog in place, you could become completely independent of an OTA and be a lot more profitable through saving on the commission fees.

You can have more bookings and encourage your guests to come back to revisit time and time by keeping in touch with them through your website blog and email newsletter.

It was a pleasure to work with Paul, who quickly saw this opportunity and has been so great to work with on this project. Paul appreciated the custom approach we bought to the project. Being a very custom property, he needed something bespoke for his brand!

Paul is delighted with his website and pleased to become independent and showcase the value online that his beautiful property brings to all its fortunate guests.

I initially approached Paul online, and it was just the right time as he already needed he knew that he needed to invest in his online presence, which meant we got to work very quickly on the project!

Paul had seen websites that we had done in the area and the success that we already had, and this gave him the confidence to pull the trigger knowing that we knew what we were doing and to go ahead and trust us to build out his booking management system online.

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Went from 0 to £40k of Direct Bookings in Less than 90 Days!


Maggie has a beautiful luxury self-catering cottage in North-East Skye in the Outer Hebrides.

Based right in the heart of Skye, the breathtaking views that Maggie’s property is something you will rarely find anywhere else in this part of the island.

Maggie had never sold a single booking, she had just taken on the property as a holiday let and didn’t really know where to start when it came to filling the calendar with bookings.

Before We Worked Together

Before we spoke, Maggie was considering going with an agency like or AirBnB and having them fill her calendar for her (and paying the extortionate commission fees that come with it) .

That’s where we came in…

It was clear when I first spoke to Maggie that she would be a fantastic host, she had so much to offer and had so much passion for her property…but I could see she just needed some direction.

When Maggie realised two things, she was ready to pull the trigger:

  1. I knew this market well
  2. I had a proven marketing strategy that would fill her calendar with direct bookings and we didn’t need the OTA’s

The Results

Fast forward 60 days…

Within 2 days of launching the Accelerated Bookings System we had direct bookings come through the calendar on the website. Maggie had followed all the advice given and was setup with everything she needed now to be fully independent of any OTA.

Another 90 days and she already had £40,000 worth of direct bookings.

Maggie is receiving great testimonials from all her guests, which we are collecting up and displaying on the site to help constantly increase conversions.

The Process

It was a tricky time of year for the tourism and hospitality industry, however feeling ambitious we set a clear goal; to fill this calendar a year in advance with DIRECT bookings (without lowering her prices to get people in the door and without paying any commission).

First things first, we needed some branding in place. Maggie had a name for her property but no logo, brand colour palette or font. This brand didn’t have an identity. We put a brand kit together for Maggie to use across social media and any marketing materials moving forward. Something recognisable and that suited the tone of the location.

We then built Maggie a beautiful custom 15 page website for her property, complete with a Booking Management System, a custom calendar for a great user experience. Every page built to tell part of the story of Chasing the Moon Skye and to entice the guests with a glimpse inside the unique experience it offers.

We also designed a blog for Maggie and set it up so that she can easily populate it with great content moving forward, highlighting her USP’s and blogging about the local area with keywords to help drive traffic to the site.

There’s a video below, you can watch what Maggie has to say about our company from her perspective. And I’m sure she would be happy for you to reach out to her with any questions, if you are considering working with us.

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Our Plans

Start Growing Today!



1-1 Story-based Brand Strategy Session


Fully Responsive, SEO Optimised Custom Website


SEO Booster package (Custom Blog with 3 SEO Optimised posts) 


1 Year Website Maintenance and Hosting

1 Year Professional Support

Looking to take your first direct online booking

Premium Package



Everything in Kickstarter


Lead Generating PDF (E-book, Local Tourist Handbook etc.)

Premium Booking Management System
Email Marketing Setup & Integration

1 Year Website Maintenance and Premium Fast Hosting


1 Year Enhanced Support (Quarterly 1-1 Growth Strategy Sessions)

Making £2,500 – £20,000 per month

* 0% Finance Available Limited Time Only

Elite package


Everything in Kickstarter and Premium

More Marketing Assets Created

1 Year Email Sequence setup with all copy written


1 Year Website Maintenance and Hosting


Priority professional support

Making £20,000+ per month

Join Our Happy Clients

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“A fantastic end-to-end service that combines strong technical skills to ensure the site performs well with search engines and design skills that attracts the interest of potential guests”

Rob Mckinnon

Head of Tourism, Outer Hebrides

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“This is has made a massive difference to the way we take bookings, we no longer rely on an agency and are taking our bookings directly through our website, just what we have always wanted!…”

Abi Mcdonald

Eco Glamping Site Owner, Wales

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“Straight Up Websites helped me to turn my idea into a business, I love my new website and can’t wait to work with them moving forward to maintain our site and grow our sales…”

Kamilla Otswald

Virtual Street Market, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Features and objections you want to mention that aren’t outlined in the sections above.

How quickly should I expect a return on investment?

We have set our pricing structure so that every client should receive a 10X return on investment within their first year… and a 100% return on investment within the first 30 days of launch.

What happens when my maintenance and hosting runs out?

When your hosting and maintenance plan runs out, you can renew it for as many years as you like at £997 per year.

If I don't have the capacity to grow is it still worth investing?

We only work with clients that we are confident we can 10X their return on investment. In our discovery call we will determine whether we will be a good fit working together. Sometimes you may not see the capacity for growth, and we can come inside your business and help you with that too!

What if I already have systems in place?

If you already have an email marketing or booking management system in place, we’ll just integrate it into your site, no problem. We work with all of the leading email marketing and online booking platforms.

Ready to Grow Your Travel Business?

If accepted, we’ll answer all your questions and get you setup in no time.