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Maggie Mitchell is a holiday let owner who owns a 3 bedroom property in the heart of Skye; a beautiful island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Maggie had a lot of enthusiasm about her property but didn’t know where to start when it came to branding and marketing. Maggie was trying to decide if she should stick just go with an agency and sacrifice the profit or get a website designed and try to get Direct Bookings.

Maggie came to us through a mutual group of Holiday Let Owners on Social Media and contacted us through Messenger. She was seeking advice and guidance which we were happy to provide her. Maggie saw we had a genuine passion to help her hospitality business grow, our knowledge when it came to digital marketing and could clearly see how this would transform her holiday let business and grow her brand online.

Maggie had a unique experience to offer in her beautiful holiday let on the Isle of Skye and felt that going with an agency just wasn’t going to be able to communicate the value and she would have had to charge less than she knew she could of if marketed properly. The market was very uncertain due to the recent pandemic as this was back in 2019 but Maggie trusted that we knew what we were doing.


The Results

Now Maggie has an amazing website that she loves, she has a local blog and is providing value to her guests through her blog that is creating opportunities where there wouldn’t be and is enjoying a hilariously profitable return on her investment with a packed out calendar at £12,000 per month.


The Process

After attending an in-depth strategy call, we identified that Maggie’s business needed the experience communicated in a way that would grab her ideal guests to chow them what was different about Maggie and her property and why they had to visit if they came to Skye.

First we helped Maggie build a strong brand for her property, we designed her a logo, then we used her brand pallette to create a website she loves with a custom branded Booking Management System fully integrated. We created a blog and walked Maggie through the whole process of using her website and gave her a proven plan to continue to maximise profit using our Direct Booking System.



A clean website that shows off all of her Unique Selling Points and communicates the unique experience she offers.


Custom digital marketing strategy for Maggie and her business that works!


Calendar packed with DIRECT bookings at 0% commission all year round.

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