How The ‘Josh Hall Web Design Business Course’ Made Me 10X My Income in 30 Days!

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How The ‘Josh Hall Web Design Business Course’ Made Me 10X My Income in 30 Days!

The Josh Hall Web Design Business Course is an in-depth step-by-step video course that teaches you the principles and strategies of success for building and running your own web design business.

A lot of people think that they can just start designing websites and sell them; however, this is not the case. If you want to be successful then you need a solid foundation of knowledge first…you need to learn from other people’s mistakes!

josh hall web design business course

Josh guides you through all of the important aspects of being successful in this competitive industry. He gives you practical advice on how to get clients, what equipment to use, pricing, marketing techniques, and so much more!

In this Josh Hall Web Design Business Course review, I will go over some of the great features Josh offers his students with his course…and you should clearly see how it has enabled me to 10X my income (literally)!

What is a Web Design Business Course?

Transitioning from a full-time web design freelancer to running a web design business is hard. You need to know how to market yourself, manage your time and finances, and build websites that are beautiful and functional.

web design business course benefits - josh hall web design business course

A web design business course like this one is essentially a virtual in-depth training guide that focuses on teaching you specific strategies for designing and running a successful freelance web design business, or digital marketing company building websites.

Who Is Josh Hall?

Josh Hall is a successful entrepreneur and passionate coach that has been building and running successful online businesses for over ten years.

josh hall owner of - josh hall web design business course

After starting his own web design business which is called InTransit Studios over 10 years ago, then scaling it to 6-figures he eventually decided to sell it in 2020.

Josh is now dedicated to building his personal brand in lifestyle and business coaching, helping people from all walks of life learn how to build a profitable web design business and create a lifestyle they love.

Who is Josh’s Web Design Business Course for?

Josh’s course is designed for students at any experience level because Josh goes through all of the basics, he then moves on to more advanced strategies that will help you take your business to a new level!

Essentially the course is for anyone who wants to learn how to run a successful and profitable web design business, which includes:

  • Newbies that have never sold websites before but are interested in learning how to monetise their services.
  • Current freelancers looking to transition their side hustle, build a remote team and build a brand.
  • Web designers who are looking to understand more about the structure of a company.
  • True web design business owners who are serious about scaling even further…

true web design business owner scaling - josh hall web design business course

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to grow their business fast, learn from Josh’s mistakes and leverage Josh’s experience to help scale, and take things to the next level.

A Look Inside the Course and 9 Topics Covered

Josh gives great advice and in-depth training on the following topics:

#1 Preparing & Setting Up Your business – Josh goes through the basics of setting up your business and how to transition from being a web designer to a creative director and business owner.

#2 Docs, Templates and More – Josh shares his best business documents, templates and checklists that have worked well with all of his clients…he gives away his own contracts to help you avoid scope creep too!

#3 Pricing, Sales and Getting Clients – Fast track your learning on how to price your websites for enough money to be sustainable in the long term, not undervalue your services, get confident in sales and acquire better clients from the get-go.

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#4 Onboarding and Project Management – Josh teaches you the best ways to work with clients from start to finish, manage projects and communicate clearly. Josh also provides his own personal onboarding process for clients which has worked well in managing projects for his 6 figure web design business and providing the best experience.

#5 Revisions, Client Training and Offboarding – Josh teaches you how to manage client expectations and provide the best support for them, Josh also shares his own personal process of off-boarding clients that have worked well in retaining customers who are looking to build their business further.

#6 Growing Your Business – Great business coaching doesn’t just show you how to acquire clients but to provide so much value to them that you are able to grow your business and stand out in your market…this is exactly what this module covers.

in depth training guide - josh hall web design business course

#7 Webinars and Additional Video Training – Josh shares his best webinars and additional video training modules that he has used in the past to help scale businesses, Josh also includes a few of my own personal favourites.

#8 Downloads and Extra Resources – Josh provides a whole range of downloads and extra resources that are helpful to you in building your business (If I had found this earlier, I would’ve saved so much time and money wasted on tools).

Josh is also affiliated with some great web design tools, being an elegant themes blog author he is an authority in the space and has a lot of inside knowledge, useful templates and the best resources to use to get instant results.

multi figure web design business tools - josh hall web design business course

Additional Resources! – Josh Hall also has an exclusive and free Facebook Group for Josh’s Course students which is a great place to ask Josh any questions that you have on building your business, Josh personally responds within 24 hours.


How the Josh Hall Web Design Business Course Helped Me

I began my journey as a freelance web design business owner and spent so much time trying different things and learning from my own trial-and-error. This works, it just takes a long time!

Personally, it has been a huge time saver and was possibly the best investment I made. Being my first course taken in this industry, it helped me to transition from doing web design as a side-hustle selling websites for £300-£500 to turning it into a full-time web design business and now well on my way to scaling my company to 6-figures and beyond averaging £3,000-£5,000 for projects.

Looking to Start a Successful Web Design Business, Freelance Web Design Business or Agency?

My only regret is that I didn’t find Josh’s course sooner! Josh’s courses are packed with value and from my own experience, I can highly recommend this one as the best one I have seen on the market.

Josh covers everything to build a profitable, successful web design business in 2021. You will have lifetime access to a great teacher and will be able to land clients charging probably 10X what you valued your services at starting out as a freelance web design business owner!

Save Time, Money, Resources (and Embarrassment!)

Instead of wasted time failing fumbling through projects, it is a lot faster to build a web design business modeled on one that you know is a success and learning lessons from mistakes made by someone else!

freelance web design business time saver - josh hall web design business course

This course is packed with thousands of dollars of business coaching advice and is the most extensive course Josh has on offer.

The videos accompanied by the resources will be of value to refer back to for years to come after you’ve completed the course.


It’s a no-brainer…whether you are a full-time freelancer, doing a part-time side hustle with a job on the side, already got some traction this course is going to blow you away and you won’t regret investing in this one!

PS The community that you will become part of once you take the course is a friendly, helpful and skilful network of professionals in the same industry as you are.

Josh also has a membership student centre which is more personal and a great way to build relationships, in addition to the FB group he grew to 30,000 people!

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