Let Me Show You in 5 Minutes How We Saved a Holiday Let Owner More Than £36,000 a Year in Agency Fees!

…100% Organically Without Any Ad Spend or Hidden Charges

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“A fantastic end-to-end service that combines strong technical skills to ensure the site performs well with search engines and design skills that attracts the interest of potential guests”

rob mackinnon

Rob Mckinnon

Fir-Chlis House, Owner

“Huge thanks to Leo and the team for the new site! Loved working with them, get in touch with them if you need a fresh new website and amazing booking management system!”

straight up websites client jack spitser

Jack Spitser

Epic Drone Tours, Owner

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This is one of our clients’ calendar (note all these bookings are DIRECT!)

Get Ready to Ditch the Expensive Agency Fees!

It’s easy to get a full calendar with bookings if you are paying 20% of all your profit to some big agency to do it for you…. but how many of you dream of a calendar filled with DIRECT bookings?

You don’t need to be giving away your profit anymore! It’s time to STOP giving away profit unnecessarily and pack your calendar with bookings up to 2023!

Attract Your IDEAL Guests

NO Expensive Ads


Fill Your Winter Months


Done For You Service

Want More Direct Bookings?

Orannamara.com £36,000/year SAVED in Agency Fees ALONE!

Paul Honeywell is a luxury 5-star holiday let owner who owns a bespoke Hebridean cottage on the Isle of Harris overlooking miles of white–sand beach in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

Paul’s cottage has been featured in the Sunday Times, on Channel 4, in the Coast magazine and more…

When Paul came to us he was charging an average of £4,500 a week, 40 weeks a year but wanted to be charging more and increasing the number of weeks available. All of Paul’s bookings were taken through an agency and he was giving away 20% in commission for every booking.

So 40 weeks x £4,500 = £180,000 a year
£180,000 – 20% commission = £144,000 a year profit

This means he was paying a whopping £36,000 every year in commission!

How We Helped

Fast forward 4 months
Paul is now selling 50 weeks x £5,750 = £287,500 a year
£287,500 at 0% commission = £287,500 a year profit!

This means by partnering with us and investing in our Direct Bookings System Paul has saved over £120,000 a year!

Paul has an amazing website that reflects the unique experience they offer and why this property is one of the most special places to stay in Scotland, He has a local blog and is setup to keep in touch with guests with a long term marketing strategy.

This project involved a strategical approach and by investing the time upfront we were able to see clearly what we offered was exactly what Paul needed to do reach his goals. By completely redesigning Paul’s old Squarespace website, upgrading him to WordPress, integrating a clean Booking Management System and implementing our Direct Booking System Paul now feels confident going independent with his new prices, ditching the agency commission fees and excited to deepen relationships with his guests through his new approach.

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Owner: Paul Honeywell

Holiday Let: Oran na mara

Location: Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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£0-£40,000 of DIRECT Bookings in Less than 60 Days

Maggie Mitchell is a holiday let owner who owns a 3 bedroom property in the heart of Skye, who had a lot of enthusiasm about her property but didn’t know what to do about marketing it and getting the full potential. She was trying to decide if she should stick just go with an agency and sacrifice the profit or get a website designed and try to get Direct Bookings.

Maggie came to us through a mutual group of Holiday Let Owners on Social Media and contacted us through Messenger. She was seeking advice and guidance which we were happy to give her. Maggie saw we had a genuine passion to help her and appreciated the personality behind the marketing and could clearly see how this would transform her holiday let project and grow her brand online.

Maggie had a unique experience to offer in her beautiful holiday let on the Isle of Skye and felt that going with an agency just wasn’t going to be able to communicate the value and she would have had to charge less than she knew she could of if marketed properly. The market was very uncertain due to the recent crisis but Maggie trusted. weknew what were doing.

The Process

After attending an in-depth strategy call, we identified that Maggie’s business needed the experience communicated in a way that would grab her ideal guests to chow them what was different about Maggie and her property and why they had to visit if they came to Skye.

Now Maggie has an amazing website that she loves, she has a local blog and is providing value to her guests through her blog that is creating opportunities where there wouldn’t be and is enjoying a hilariously profitable return on her investment with a packed out calendar at £12,000 per month.

First we helped Maggie build a strong brand for her property, we designed her a logo, then we used her brand pallette to create a website she loves with a custom branded Booking Management System fully integrated. We created a blog and walked Maggie through the whole process of using her website and gave her a proven plan to continue to maximise profit using our Direct Booking System.

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Owner: Maggie Mitchell

Holiday Let: Chasing the Moon

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland

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£27,000/year SAVED in Agency Fees ALONE!

Abi owns a renowned glamping site down in the Wye Valley with her partner Gerry. The glamping site consists of Yurts and shepherds huts and is a great place to stay in a beautiful part of the UK.

Gerry and Abi really needed a team of marketers that could understand and communicate the value the properties offered in such a beautiful location, they knew they could charge more and save on commission if they could escape from AirBnB and other OTA’s they were relying on but they had been messed around before when trying to get a website so were reluctant to take the risk.

The Process

After having met Leo the Founder of Straight Up Websites in person, and discussing the potential they could see very quickly that this was the company to trust with their marketing efforts and how much profit they could generate through going independent and having a fantastic website that would generate DIRECT bookings.

They needed a solution that would save on commission, allow them to get more exposure for their properties and engage with guests better. This is exactly what they got and what has resulted in them TRIPLING their profit.

By using our Direct Booking System we were able to get them completely off of the OTA saving 20% commission on every booking which they can now invest in new properties for their glamping site and activities which we can promote online.

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Owner: Gerry and Abi

Holiday Let: Cadora Woods Glamping

Location: Wye Valley, Lydney

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Want More Direct Bookings?

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Leo Rees-Evans, Founder

Who Are Straight Up Websites?

Get the feel of an in-house marketing team with the power house of a full scale digital marketing agency

Experience the best of both worlds with our small digital marketing team. We are a dedicated group of professionals with an extensive network who work together as if we were one person, not just another company trying to get more clients by doing less work for higher prices.

Our goal is simple – create results that last through long term relationships built on trust and respect.

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Communicate Your Experience Through a Beautiful Website that Converts Visitors into Guests

OLD WAY: Setup a DIY website with Wix or Squarespace with no booking calendar and a clunky user experience


NEW WAY: Have a Professional, clean, modern, easy to use website with a fully integrated booking management system that looks great on all devices 

Create Engaging, Relevant Content and Promote it to Your Ideal Guests

OLD WAY: No strategy or plan to engage and grow with potential guests and stand out from your competitors meaning you are leaving money on the table and not growing your brand!


NEW WAY: Stand out from your competitors by consistently creating great informative content and getting it in front of your IDEAL guests while growing your brand!


Generate a Long Term Strategy That Will Keep You in Touch With Past Guests 

OLD WAY: Pay huge commission fees to agency for 1 page on their website and all the limitations that come with it (blend in with the rest and have no plan)

NEW WAY: Leverage the power of a fully custom website and professional blog linked up to email newsletters to keep in touch with guests on autopilot!


Relying on an agency is damaging your business you need to partner with a team who are dedicated to your results that will communicate the holiday experience you offer. 

The Agency Trap

When you go independent and don’t have a plan it can be hard to get traction in the crowded marketplace of short term rentals, and you’re probably not going to get enough direct bookings or have the time to commit to bringing them in…this is why agencies can charge such hefty commission fees!

As experienced marketers who have been in your shoes before we know what it takes to stand out in this competitive landscape. Our team has developed a proven system that will generate more direct bookings while saving you time and money by taking care of all the marketing tasks for you. With our service package, you’ll receive personalised marketing campaigns designed specifically for your self catering business based on extensive research into local trends and competition plus an actionable plan that will increase your booking conversion rate as soon as next month!


So You’re Probably Starting to See the Massive Amount of Profit You’re Losing by Using an Agency?

Most agencies will charge between 15% – 25% commission per booking, depending on how competitive their rates are.

It’s not uncommon for holiday let owners to spend thousands of pounds with agencies and still not get the results they want.

Why? Because agencies are focused on making money from selling advertising space, so they often don’t have time or resources to provide any real value to their clients. Not only that, but the limitations that come with n OTA means that you aren’t growing your brand and able to stand out from your competitors (which is all important being the holiday let market is very competitive as you know).

The leads that you could be driving to your website where you can educate, inspire, promote and gain trust are instead all being driven to a website where all your competitors are advertising their properties!

“A fantastic end-to-end service that combines strong technical skills to ensure the site performs well with search engines and design skills that attracts the interest of potential guests”

rob mackinnon

Rob Mckinnon

Luxury Holiday Let Owner

“Huge thanks to Leo and the team for the new site! Loved working with them, get in touch with them if you need a fresh new website and amazing booking management system!”

straight up websites client jack spitser

Jack Spitser

Property Marketer

For a limited time we are offering a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE for those who book a call to speak with us.

Our Packages

Get Started Today!

Direct Bookings System

our Direct Bookings Accelerator

💡 Leverage a Custom Website and a Proven Plan

💡 Build Your Brand and Deepen Relationships

🗓 Take 100% of Bookings DIRECTLY

☑️For Holiday Lets Charging £1,500-£3,000 per week

Bookings on Demand System

for Luxury Holiday Let Owners

💡Dominate Your Industry

💡 Grow Your Brand Wisely

 📈 Maximise Profit Margins

☑️ For Holiday Lets Charging £3,000+ per week

We Only Take on 5 New Clients a Month…Don’t Miss Your Opportunity!








Our Promise to You

unnamed 1

What’s more you will get a 2X Guarantee (If you don’t double your investment with us in 90 days, you’ll get unlimited FREE marketing support with us until you do – this COMPLETELY eliminates the risk and fear of “what if I don’t make my money back?”).

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we’ve answered most of your questions but just in case here’s a few more…

Can I pay you after I get paid?

We work on a retainer based investment, it’s better for all parties involved, we also don’t want to be investing in someone who is afraid to invest in themselves.

How long will it take for me to get Direct bookings?

We will have your calendar filling up with direct bookings within just 90 days of signing the contract

What is considered a 'Direct' booking?

A booking that is made DIRECTLY through your website meaning you pay 0% commission and keep 100% of the booking fee

How much of my time is this going to take?

This is a done-for-you service. The only time we required is to get you setup at the beginning and an onboarding call for us to understand your business. Then your input is up to you, we will get results either way.

How can I be sure this will be a personalised experience??

Unlike a lot of mrketing companies out there, we prioritise Quality over Quantity. It’s all about building relationships with those quality clients that we will have long-term relationships with. We only take on 5 new clients a month to make sure that every client receives the best experience possible!

Can you still help if I have a contract with an agency?

Absolutely! We have had this situation with clients in the past. We can still grow your brand and promote your content and just fill out those months in your calendar on your website as ‘unavailable’ until your contract finishes.

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